Professional Certifications Anyone?

Information Governance Professional (IGP) is a managerial / strategic certification released the summer of 2013 that can strengthen a person’s ability to promote organizational value and reduce risk. However, it requires 3 years of management or comparable experience. It competes with the Certfied Records Manager (CRM) and the Certified Archivist (CA) except that the CRM and CA requires only a year of experience with the requisite education.

Unlike the PMP and IGP, a certification that students can get while in school is the CIP ( which is aimed at demonstrating diverse IT knowledge through training videos and certification, somewhat like the systems equivalent of an A+?

There are a rising number of IT governance certifications due to compliance initiatives such as the Sunshine Act and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) in the US and Basel II in Europe, consider these additional certifications related to IT management / strategy:

More specific to Big Data certifications, I am sure IBM offers more certifications. I only find Cloudera which utilizes Hadoop.

  • Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH). This CCDH certifies your knowledge on the basics of using Cloudera. This certification tests you on the basic ideas on Hadoop, the Hadoop architecture, how to handle data and more. The exam is 90 minutes and only 60 questions. You have to earn a score of 67% or higher to get the CCDH.
  • Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH). This certification goes over the basic understanding of the Cloudera product, how to build clusters, and administering the system. The exam is 90 minutes for 30 questions. You have to earn a score of 67% or higher to get the CCAH.
  • Cloudera Specialist in Apache HBASE (CCSHB). The CCSHB signifies that you are expert in handling Apache’s Hbase database. You will understand the methodologies to utilize Hbase, how it is different from traditional databases, and perform administrative activities. The exam is 90 minutes for 45 questions. You have to earn a score of 69% or higher to get the CCSHB.
    [Gautam Singh, “Top Big Data Certifications,”, IT Certifications, published September 17, 2012, accessed June 6, 2013,]

Let NDSA-SC know which direction you take!


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